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'VONK' is a self-published graphic novel created in 2021, my last bachelor year at LUCA School of Arts, Brussels. 

The book takes you along on a very normal day in the life of a very normal person. Although it quickly becomes clear you're not reading a normal or traditional story. 'VONK' is a non-story. In essence it's a story about nothing and everything at the same time. Finding it hard to follow? Perfect. 'VONK' was created with this goal in mind. Using a lack of information as an intigator for the readers own thought proces. Using abstraction of both visual as narrative concepts to in way, tell the reader even more.

The images below are a selection from the book in no specific order. So far two smaller parts of the book have been published online by online magazine Pulp DeLuxe. Links can be found at the bottom of this page.

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